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Please refer to the Department of Education Sale Limted (DOSCEL) for official COVID Advice

Columba Covid Management Plan



Road Map to Return To School Term 4



Monday 18th Ocotber


We understand that there continues to be much unsurety in the community, especially around 'what will happen if we have a confirmed Covid case at Columba?'

Below, is an outline what the procedure would be if Columba was to have a child or staff member at school when they were contagious with COVID-19.

  1. COLUMBA is notified of a positive COVID case attending Columba’s school grounds while infected during school hours.
  2. COLUMBA notifies DOSCEL (Diocese of Sale Catholic Education Limited) of the case and through the IR/HR department, work together to provide the Department of Health (DH) with as much information as possible.
  3. COLUMBA works with DOSCEL to assess possible exposure to the school, including any initial close contacts and determine whether the school may need to close for containment and contact tracing. COLUMBA will then arrange an environmental clean of school site while liaising with DH in relation to school closure.
  4. If directed to close school site by DH, the DOSCEL Secretariat will notify the principal who will close school for the period advised by DH and COLUMBA notify the school community. COLUMBA will work to notify all primary close contacts personally and as soon as is practical.
  5. The school may be closed for 1-3 days.
  6. If appropriate, COLUMBA will re-enact its Remote Schooling program.

Because we rely so heavily on email and our SZAPP for communication with families, I ask all parents have their emails updated with the school office and that everyone has the SZAPP installed on their phones.

Please know that Columba is proactive in mitigating the risk of Covid-19 spread through the school with Covid safe practises implemented and adhered to. These include but are not limited to;

-        maximising the use of outdoor learning opportunities

-        opening windows or doors and seeking to increase natural ventilation

-        adjusting mechanical ventilation to maximise external air, where possible.

-        Ensuring students in 3-6 are wearing masks

-        Installing air purifiers in high risk areas through the school when supplied

-        Reducing the amount of co-mingling of students

-        Keeping a supply of cleaning and sanitising products in classroom and being vigilant with student and staff hygiene

-        Daily cleaning of the school specifically high touch areas.