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Absence Notification

As a school, we use an electronic roll to record daily attendance which we monitor closely to ensure that we receive an explanation for all student absences. 

  • All absences require communication from by a parent through,
    • A phone call to the office
    • An email to your child's classroom teacher
    • A notification sent through our SZ Communication App
  • Where an extended absence is planned in advance (e.g. a family holiday), permission for that absence should be obtained from the school principal. Such a request must be in writing (email is ookay) and once permission has been granted, that correspondence will be treated as notification for the purposes of our attendance records.

  • Unexplained absences will be followed up by an SMS notification or by telephone in the first instance, however where there are a number of unexplained absences, further follow-up will be in writing.

If you are experiencing attendance issues with your child, please speak with your child's classroom teacher or the principal so that we may work together to support your child in attending school every day.