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Each Monday and Thursday all students are able to order lunches from the School Canteen.  They are ordered online only through the FLEXISCHOOLS App.

Check out the Flexischools Website


The full menu is able to be acccessed through the Flexischools app, once you create a profile and join our school.

Please know that the cut off for ordering is 8:30am sharp on canteen days. After that time, parents will only be able to order limited items from the online menu through Flexischools. To avoid this rush or missing out, it is a good idea to order the night before.

Click here for a parent guide to online ordering through Flexischools

To ensure your child does not miss their lunch order we ask that parents

  • Double check the details of your order before proceeding to pay, particularly the quantities ordered.
  • Ensure your payment is processed and confirmed. If you do not get a confirmation screen, please assume the order has not worked. If you look at your balance and it has not changed, you can also assume your order has not worked.