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Policies and Procedures & Codes Of Conduct

Please view our school's policies by clicking on the links below.


AntiBullying and Bullying Prevention Policy

Behaviour Management Policy

Child Protection and Safety Policy

Child Protection and Safety Policy Child Friendly Version

Conflict of Interest Policy DOSCEL

Critical Incident Management Policy DOSCEL

Cyber Safety Policy

School's Duty of Care Policy

Enrolment Policy

First Aid Policy DOSCEL

Off site Supervision of Students Policy DOSCEL

On site Supervision of Students Policy DOSCEL

Privacy Policy DOSCEL

Privacy Collection Notice DOSCEL

Uniform Policy

School Fee Policy

School's Pastoral Care Policy

Social Media Policy

Whistleblower Policy CEO SALE

Workplace Equal Opportunity Policy CEO SALE


Acceptable Use of ICT 

Anaphylaxis Management

Anaphylaxis Management Procedures

Antibullying and Bullying Prevention

Behaviour Management

Extreme Weather Conditions

First Aid Guidelines

First Aid and Infection Control Procedures

Health Care Needs Policy

Health Care Needs Guidlines

Infection Control

Infectious Diseases minimum periods of exclusion table

Mandatory Reporting

Mandatory Reporting Procedure

Medication Administration

Pastoral Care

Responding to Anaphylaxis Policy DOSCEL

Sexual Consent, disclosure and School Obligations Guidance DOSCEL

School Attendance

Suspension Expulsion and Negotiated Transfer Procedure

Codes of Conduct

Parent Code Of Conduct

Columba Child Safe Code of Conduct

Management Plans

Columba CPS COVID19 Safety Management Plan