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At Columba we strive to keep our families as informed and up to date as possible.

Currently our school have an Instagram and Facebook page, dedicated to providing the community with a window into the daily life of the school. Simply search for

1_KwVV1AsedVlEHvP6KdyM_g.pngColumba Bunyip through Facebook and Instagram to find us.

Facebook -

Instagram -

A well as social media we also ask all parents to be signed up to the Skoolbag and Operoo (Caremonkey) Apps. Both serve as communication tools to help with permission notes and school messages and alerts. It is imperative that all parents use these apps to stay up to date with the daily operations, requirements and request from our school. Both Operoo and Skoolbag are able to be downloaded from your App Store. A parent’s guide on how to access our school through both these apps is provided below.


Parent Access Module (PAM)


Having trouble logging into PAM?

You can locate information on how to use PAM by clicking the following link:  



Click here to access PAM website

Our parent access module has been set up with the email that was listed on the enrolment form from parent one. This is the primary email address. You can choose Forgot Password to reset your password or try the generic password 'password' please update your password once logged in.