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Our School

At Columba we pride ourselves on being a community school with a strong partnership between home and school. We know that excellence in education at Columba is only achieved as a result of the support and input of our parents. Parents at Columba are great role-models of learning.

In order to provide opportunities and support for all members of the school community to achieve their fullest potential

We continue to:

  • provide opportunities for students to participate in decision-making processes with regard to their own learning
  • provide opportunities for students to reflect on their faith, pray together and celebrate liturgies and sacraments
  • promote prayer, liturgies and sacraments across all grade levels
  • emphasise service to the local and global community through participation in local events and fundraising for charity
  • provide opportunities for students to develop leadership skills both within the school and local community
  • encourage parental involvement in all programs

Our Emblem and Motto

Let Your Light Shine (Matthew 5:16)

Columba Catholic Primary School; where the light of each child, parent and staff member will shine and where the light of Christ will shine through each one of us.



Sun – representing the Light of Christ and our Light

Cross – through the death and resurrection we may have life and have it to the full

Dove – a recognised symbol of Saint Columba