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Mission and Vision

Our School Vision

We are a safe and welcoming place of learning where everyone is respected and treated fairly and justly. We believe each child is entitled to be passionate in their learning,  through positive experiences that encourage and challenge, always providing opportunities to deepen their faith.


Our School Mission


We work to achieve our vision by

  • Providing a welcome and open place of learning for those who wish to foster Christian values.
  • Providing quality Religious Education that enables students to deepen their faith.
  • Understanding that each child is entitled to a comprehensive curriculum that acknowledges that all children learn differently and can achieve.
  • Providing positive learning experiences as well as a positive environment that encourages and challenges students to take responsibility for their own learning.
  • Knowing that teachers require special qualities of heart and mind; they must prepare carefully and be constantly aware of changes to current teaching practice.
  • Providing a welcome, friendly and safe environment where everyone is respected and treated fairly and justly.
  • Understanding that students and staff thrive in a school that is well managed and resourced.
  • Acknowledging the vital role of parents in the education of their children.
  • Working to build on the partnership that exists between school families, parish and the wider community.