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Message from the Principal

Dear Parents,

Andrew Greco

Columba Catholic Primary School, Bunyip is a community comprising of 205 children, under the care of a close, effective, professional team of teachers, support officers and office administration. The school provides an environment of positivity, openness and love where each child’s innate creativity and ability to learn and grow is nurtured.

In the 5th Century, St Columba set sail from Ireland on a quest to found a monastery. Eventually he settled on the island of Iona, off the coast of Scotland. Columba was a missionary, diplomat and a man of learning. He built many churches including the Monastery on Iona which was renowned throughout the British Isles as a place of learning and a place to grow in the Catholic Faith. Our aim is to follow the example set by St Columba so that Columba in Bunyip will be renowned for the excellence of its learning programs and its commitment as a faith community.

In the footsteps of St. Columba our school is committed to being a faith community. It has an important role to play in the faith lives of the children within its care. The presence of God is celebrated as we develop our relationship with our God and with each other. These relationships are based on respect and honesty. A sense of wonder of the world and each other is fostered, as the children are helped to see God as a loving and integral part of their lives.

Columba is a safe place for children. They feel safe and secure within the framework of established boundaries and routines. These boundaries and routines create a peaceful and just atmosphere. The children are helped to develop an awareness of their rights and responsibilities and consequences for their actions.

There is an enthusiasm for learning and discovery within Columba. The educational programs are stimulating and progressive. The curriculum is strong, comprehensive and covers all educational areas. The school is well resourced due mainly to the efforts of a highly committed and active team of parents.

Columba Catholic Primary School is a school with a great capacity for assisting children to grow in responsibility and inner-direction, capable of making wise choices, nurtured within a warm, loving environment that prepares them for future success.