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APAC International School Esports TournamentThe Federation of United Schools Esports (FUSE) Cup is a nationwide network of schools connected in providing young students with an opportunity to participate in a safe, supportive and structured international esports competition while developing positive gaming behaviours and digital wellbeing. The FUSE CUP chooses games which are age appropriate and do not include any violent content whatsoever. These games include Just Dance, Mario Kart Deluxe 8, FIFA20 and Rocket League on the Nintendo Switch. The FUSE Cup runs two aged competitions at the same time. A Year 5&6 competition and a Year 7&8 competition. Schools may elect to register either competition or both but are limited to one team per competition. 
Columba is very excited to be part of the FUSE Cup. We know that online literacy is vital for all students in today's world. We know that by competeing tin the FUSE Cup, we are providing students with the opportinity to pattake in an extreamly engaging activty which will provide them with many leanring opporunties.
The FUSE Cup Values
Joining an organised and structured esports team or league is not about playing more video games, in fact, it often leads to a better understanding of balanced gaming. It is very different to playing at home alone or online. The FUSE Cup provides Columba students with a face to face, safe, competitive and challenging esports opportunity while also promoting concepts such as Digital Wellbeing, Inclusion and Values.Being part of a team and learning how to contribute towards a common goal is a valuable life skill. This is an important aspect of participating in The FUSE Cup which students gain insight into. There are 4 overarching values to The FUSE Cup that are our pillars and are in place to ensure that everyone involved enjoys a positive and safe experience. These values are paramount to promoting and establishing positive gaming habits for younger gamers.It is important that coaches, players and parents are made aware of these values and that they help promote discussions around ethical esports during school training sessions, at home and during any FUSE Cup events. Players who breach these rules will be subject to our Behaviour Management process as outlined HERE.
Digital Wellbeing
In a world of increasing digital demands and distractions for students, the need to develop digital wellbeing has never been so strong.The FUSE Cup is committed to
 using esports as a method of assisting students in understanding the need to practice ways to monitor their screen time in an attempt to live a balanced healthy
 lifestyle. It is for this reason that our competitions focus not only competitive esports gameplay, but actively apply useful digital resources and structured methods to promote the development of digital wellbeing.The FUSE Cup is proud to be official partners with Kids Helpline, arguably Australia’s best-known counselling service for young people.The partnership focuses on developing positive gaming habits and a deeper understanding of digital wellbeing for younger gamers. Furthermore, this partnership integrates new and existing Kids Helpline resources into The FUSE Cup competitions around the nation and provide counselling services directly to young gamers.We are also pleased to be consulting with experts in student wellbeing who are working closely with our qualified and experienced education team.The development of our Digital Wellbeing resources and embedding these into every FUSE Cup competition are, and will continue to be, a major focus for our organisation.
Esports and the General Capabilities within the Australian Curriculum