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Learning and Teaching

The challenge of schooling in the global knowledge economy of 21st century is to equip students with the knowledge, skills and behaviours to prosper in our modern and ever-changing world.  At Columba Primary School, we endeavour to instil in children the skills and confidence to use their talents gifted to them by God and to use these skills to make a difference in their world.

At Columba we aim to equip our students with important skills through focusing on four areas of student learning,

  • Creativity
  • Reflection
  • Collaboration
  • Questioning

At Columba  we are a collaborative, challenging, open and engaging learning community.  We know that high quality Teaching and Learning comes from the following:

There are high expectations in regard to learning outcomes

  • At Columba we are consistently improving school based and standardized assessment results.
  • We always use data purposefully to drive our teaching and learning.
  • Students are always clear about expectations and indictors of achievements.

The learning environment is engaging and purposeful

  • Students at Columba are active participants in becoming responsible learners.
  • Through engaging and purposeful learning environments, we know student's motivation will increase.
  • Students at St Michael's see themselves as successful learners.

Staff are active learners within a high performance development culture

  • Collaboration between staff to improve their own teaching as well as the teaching within the whole school.
  • Staff are committed to personal learning goals and professional learning plans.
  • Staff are open to constructive feedback.

Strong pedagogy around teaching and learning

  • Columba displays and implements a vibrant contemporary curriculum.
  • Contemporary learning tools are being used in all classrooms.
  • A strong professional learning community is developed.


Columba understands the importance and value of The Victorian Curriculum as it is a curriculum which provides a single, coherent and comprehensive set of prescribed content and common achievement standards, which schools use to plan student learning programs, assess student progress and report to parents. The Victorian Curriculum assist teachers to understand what is essential for students to achieve from Foundation to Year 10, in Victorian schools.

Victorian Curruculum


At Columba Catholic Primary School we believe that language is the key to access learning, experience success in later education and in everyday life. Therefore, Literacy is a school priority. Because active and effective participation in society depends on the ability to speak, listen, read, view and write with confidence, purpose and enjoyment. Through language use, students convey and discover information, work through ideas and express feelings. Through literacy students learn how language works and how to use it effectively for learning.

At Columba we believe students learn language when:   

  • Tightly focused, data-informed and systematic learning experiences are provided.
  • They are expected to use language flexibly, imaginatively and communicate effectively.
  • They are allowed to use approximations in their early attempts at language. In primary school, this will apply particularly to their developing writing skills.
  • They are given opportunity daily, to use whole range of language skills.
  • They are actively engaged in the learning situation and teachers constantly monitor this engagement.
  • Teachers are active, enthusiastic role-models.
  • Teachers use a variety of strategies to support preferred and non-preferred learning modes.
  • They are encouraged to take risks and solve problems.
  • Language experience is incorporated and enriched within the school’s Integrated Curriculum topics.